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If you understand the difference between a residential property and a commercial property, you can probably already see what the differences would be between a residential and commercial refrigeration technician.

Residential refrigeration, or, as they are more commonly called, home refrigerators, are smaller and take far less to set up. Think of your fridge at home, and you know what we mean. For the most part, everyone can set up their own home refrigerator and the cost of keeping it running isn’t astronomical as the power needed to run it is not so high.

Residential Refrigeration Repairs & Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing on a residential refrigerator would keep it running smoothly for years with little to no issues. As the needs of this refrigeration unit are so low, a residential refrigeration technician would not need to take very much into account when maintaining or repairing this kind of system.

Commercial Refrigeration Compared to Residential

A commercial refrigeration system is or can be a lot larger in comparison to a residential refrigeration system. Generally, a commercial refrigerator is used for a great number of people, usually serving in restaurants and supermarkets, or other eateries where space is a requirement. Knowing this, a commercial refrigeration technician would deal with issues a residential refrigeration technician would not, and their knowledge base and skillset would need to be more expansive.

You might think that the bottom line is the same, that both technicians are repairing, installing, and or maintaining refrigeration systems, and that the differences between them cannot be that great. However, the contrasts in the conditions these two technicians work in, the equipment they use, or the tools they need are vastly different and require a whole other kind of know-how. At the end of the day, a commercial refrigeration technician will require more education as the systems they are installing, repairing, and maintaining are a lot more complex and will need different certifications in order to know how to do the job properly.

That isn’t to say that residential refrigeration technicians are somehow less-than or not as skilled. A residential refrigeration technician is often asked to enter a persons home to do their work, and so their skills need not only be about the system they are repairing or installing, but in speaking to clients on a more personal level and putting them at ease. Both technicians need to carry themselves in a professional manner, however, a residential refrigeration technician will need interpersonal skills that commercial refrigeration technicians will rarely have to use.

As you can see, the differences between the two are wider than some might have thought, but in a technical and educational sense, a commercial refrigeration technician will need more schooling on how to do their job, and requires more certifications than a residential refrigeration technician.