Living in Queensland, you are acutely aware of how important Air Conditioning is. In the heat of Summer, daily activities and even sleeping can be made difficult. Installing an Air Conditioner in your home will banish those sweltering, sticky days and keep you and your family feeling cool and rejuvenated – all Summer long.

Which Air Conditioning system is right for me?

When it comes to choosing an Air Conditioning System for your home, there are several factors to consider, including the location of the unit, the size of the room and of course, your budget. Our experienced team can take the guesswork out of buying an Air Conditioner, ensuring you make the right decision and have a system that provides you and your family years of comfort.

Repair Vs Replacement

A new air conditioning system represents a substantial investment. You’ll want to weigh all of your options to ensure that installing a new system is the best solution. When determining whether or not to replace your existing system, consider the three main reasons most system replacement take place:

  1. Energy Costs – High electricity bills are a good indicator that your system no longer provides efficient service. The savings realised by today’s high efficiency systems can quickly justify the initial cost of installing a new air con system.
  2. You have an older unit (10 years +)- After a certain age. the increased probability of future failures of a critical components becomes a determining factor. Replacing a major component in an older system could be a short-term solution as other parts fail due to age.
  3. The necessary repair is too expensive – Replacing some critical components can be very expensive. In fact, a new system installation may be a more feasible expenditure when a critical system component fails, as the repair cold equal a large percentage of the total system replacement cost.
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We sell a wide variety of systems for your home. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Daikin designed for low cost residential use. Whether your looking for single ac units, ducted aircons or an air conditioner split system, either for large or small spaces.

With years of experience in Sales and Installation of Home Air Conditioners, your purchase will be a long-term investment giving you and your family years of reliability and comfort.

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    Reverse cycle split system

    Reverse cycle split system air conditioners are a popular choice for homes in Hervey Bay. With their multi mode function which allows you to switch between heating and cooling, you can depend on these systems all year round.

    Another great feature with some reverse cycle systems is their humidity function. This mode is especially favoured in Queensland where humidity levels can become high, making it feel warmer than it truly is. With a system working to keep the humidity controlled you can expect the temperature to reduce also!

    We recommend Daikin or Mitusubushi Heavy Industries air conditioners due to the quality and suitability of their products to the Hervey Bay climate.

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